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We offer a wide range of truck maintenance services


Safety Inspection

iTruck and Trailer’s skilled technicians perform a careful and thorough annual DOT inspection to ensure your commercial motor vehicles are up to safety standards set by the ministry of transportation.

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Engine Repair & Rebuild

With many years of experience, our mechanics know how to keep your truck’s engine running smoothly and efficiently. From the smaller repairs to a complete engine rebuild, we’ve got you covered.


Complete Truck & Trailer Repair

Our highly skilled licensed technicians perform any services needed to keep your trucks on the road, which includes tire, brake system, air systems, steering repairs along with many more services.


Electrical Troubleshooting

Winter causes a lot of damage to a truck’s electrical systems, making it unsafe to drive. Over the years, the systems grew complex and sensitive, making choosing the right technician a must have.


Transmission and Differential Rebuilds

When it comes to repairing the drivetrain system and transmission, regular servicing, a simple repair or a full rebuild, our professional truck mechanics can assist you with what you need.


DPF and SCR Services

Most diesel trucks found on the road have DPF and SCR systems. These systems can cause a lot of downtime over the years and with the right services provided by us, we can maximize their service life.


Full Preventative Maintenance Services

Preventative maintenance is key to keeping your vehicles safe on the road. With our technicians working on your trucks, you can be stress-free knowing they are in good hands.


Computer Diagnostics

Computers are there to help us get to the source of the problem quickly and efficiently. This is why our technicians specialize in computer diagnostics and using the latest OEM software to get the job done.

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